Gino Severini
Cortona (AR), 1883-1966

The subject, of which there are other studies of the same period, is inspired by the metropolitan underground railway which connected the different Paris districts from north to south.  The painting belongs to Severini’s futurist period and, more exactly, to the cycle of works devoted to machines that the artist worked on  in the winter 1912-1913.  The concepts of praising mechanical energy and of simultaneous perception of speed, which had been theorized by Futurism, are met here with a special interpretation. The  infiltration of the elements and shattering of form are substituted by a simplified image pointing to clear individuation of the seated figures, the streaming beams of light, the signs following one another with the names of the stations. 
Laura D’Agostino

Purchase from rag. Benedetto Fiore, Torino, 1959